Bob Marley's Song Africa Unite is a Conscious or Unconscious Attempt to Spread the Message of Pan-Africanism.

Bob Marley’s song Africa Unite

Africa Unite

Africa Unite’ cause the children wanna come home

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Africa unite’ cause we’re moving out of Babylon

And we are grooving to our Father’s land. Yeah

This is a very political track. The song was originally released on the Survival album and stresses the message most popularly postulated by the late and great Marcus Mosiah Garvey in regards to the return of people of African descent to Africa.

The feel good rhythm of the song tends to conceal the seriousness and urgency of the message in the song.

Marley was one of the only artists that received an invitation to the Zimbabwean Independence celebrations because of what was seen as his conscious or unconscious attempt to spread the message of Pan-Africanism.

Bob Marley’s song Africa Unite Sound track

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