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Rasta Man Vibration: The Life and Work of Bob Marley, the First International Reggae Superstar ,a Devoted Rastafarian and a Messenger of the Faith.

Welcome to Rasta Man Vibration: The life and Work of Bob Marley. A site dedicated to Bob Marley the most distinctive musician the world has ever seen. Bob Marley’s music spans the full spectrum of Jamaica’s popular musical genre - from ska to reggae - and has since touched, inspired and influenced generations over years with no abatement in sight. A devoted Rastafarian and messenger of the faith, Bob was as much an enigma as he was the first international reggae superstar the world has ever seen. However, in this domain Marley is not a mythical figure. He is real to us; and it is the aim of this website to interrogate all aspects of the Legend’s life and work.

Rasta-man-vibration.com seeks to cover all aspects of the life of one of the greatest musicians of all time. Committed to a serious investigation of all facets of the life and work of Robert Nesta Marley to his mother; Bob Marley to his fans and admirers; or Haile Gabriel Selassie (The Light of the Trinity) to Rastafari; no topic is too sensitive to be left uninvestigated in this domain.

Rasta-man-vibration.com has therefore compiled some of the most provocative and informative articles on this Icon for your perusal. The majority of these articles were researched and compiled by the Marcus Garvey Movement on the University of the West Indies campus, using some of the most reputable sources available on this topic.

Bob Marley The Rastafarian
Bob Marley The Rastafarian:Bob Marley was a well known rastafarian and was famous for his music ,his dreadlocks and his devotion to the Rastafari religion.
Bob Marley Biography
bob marley biography:A Jamaican singer,songwriter,guitarist and devoted Rastafarian
The story of Cedella Booker and Bob Marley
Black Woman and Child: The story of Cedella Booker and Bob Marley. Early one Tuesday morning in February of 1945 Bob Marley was born to Cedella “Ciddy” Malcolm......
Bob Marley Trench Town Years
We have to look at Bob Marley Trench Town years to see why the music of Bob Marley is still relevant we must first look at the place where he spent most of his life honing his craft, Trench Town.
Bob Marley and the Wailers
Bob Marley and the Wailers were packaged in a way that would ensure that the records were marketable to both local [Jamaican] audiences as well as foreign ones.
Rita Marley
Bob Marley and Rita Marley:It seems that the only person truly fit to discuss Marley and reveal all the negatives and positives of his personality would be Rita Marley.
Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey
Bob Marley's seminal work "Redemption Song" wasn’t written by Bob Marley but came out of the mind of the late great Marcus Garvey.
Bob Marley and Jamaican Politics
Bob Marley’s music grew out of severe and constant economic impoverishment as well as discontent with Jamaican politics.
Bob Marley and Michael Manley
Michael Manley's People's Socialist National Party (PNP), represented the have-nots fighting to hold ground against Edward Seaga's conservative Jamaican Labor Party (JLP), representing the haves.
Bob Marley and Africa
Bob Marley and Africa -Marley was one of the musicians who fought for African liberation through his musical genius and confronting the corrupt social order.
Bob Marley’s Sons
It is Through Bob Marley’s sons that his Legacy of Musical Genius is Being Memorialized.
Bob Marley's Love Songs
Bob marley's love songs did not just express sensuous desires;it was a part of an attempt at honoring the black woman and her immaculate beauty.
Bob Marley's Songs
I have made a list of the the most powerful and popular of Bob Marley's songs and will attempt to briefly examine the lyrics .
bob Marley’s song Exodus (Movement of Jah People)
With a message of religious fundamentalism and self examination Bob Marley's song Exodus calls for a movement out of Babylon.
Bob Marley Quotes
. Bob Marley quotes come from a variety of sources such as Bob Marley’s music, interviews and writings .
Bob Marley Festivals,
Bob Marley a prophet on a musical journey around the world spreading a message of revolution, love, brotherhood and peace.We have made a list of major Bob Marley Festivals appearances, concerts,tours
Bob Marley Reggae Sunsplash
Bob Marley promised the organizers of Reggae Sunsplash that he would headline the show at Montego Bay,Jamaica.
rastaman music catalog
catalog of reggae music from the period 1950 to present ,ska,dancehall,rocksteady,bob marley,jamaica music,
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