Bob Marley Festivals: list of all major appearances, tours, performances and festivals in honour of Bob Marley.

Bob Marley In Concert

Bob Marley In Concert

Bob Marley Festivals, concerts,and Tours

To list all of the appearances, tours, performances and festivals in honour of Bob Marley would consume more than one article. In his lifetime he performed around the world. His travels spanned across all continents and cultures from Africa to New Zealand to Japan.

Bob Marley a prophet on a musical journey around the world spreading his message of revolution, love, brotherhood and peace. I have listed the major Bob Marley Festivals, appearances, concerts, tours, and performances

Performing on the smallest of stages to the largest stadiums, he was reported to have drawn crowds totaling over 100,000 in Italy alone in 1980.

Even after his death there are many festivals and tours that are held on an annual basis worldwide in honour of Marley’s life and music.

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Bob Marley Posthumous Festivals and Tours

Bob Marley Festivals:Other Annual Bob Marley Day Celebrations.

The list of festivals and tours are exhaustive, however there are some that are very established and eagerly anticipated by Marley fans every year world over.

Among these are the Bob Marley Day celebrations and the annualBob Marley birthday celebrations.

This year Bob Marley’s birthday celebrations were held in Shashamane, Ethiopia on February 6.

His wife Rita, who has conducted extensive developmental work on the continent of Africa, takes much of the responsibility for spearheading the move to Bob’s motherland.

Prior to this, his birthday celebrations were normally held in his homeland of Jamaica under the careful watch of the Rastafarian community of which Bob was a apart and to date provides much inspiration.

There was however much controversy over this move as his wife also publicly stated her intentions to have the reggae superstar’s body exhumed from the crypt in Nine Miles for reburial in Ethiopia. This did not mar the celebrations as many persons from all over the globe made the trip to Ethiopia to take part in the magical event in honour of their hero.

The number of festivals, tours, concerts and other events that are held worldwide under the name of Bob Marley only goes to confirm his accolades of being a truly international freedom fighter, a man of peace and love.

That his music can live on 24 years after his death is a tremendous achievement and only adds to the brand image of Marley and will surely result in more events yet to come.

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