Exodus:We’re Leaving Babylon We’re Going to Our Father’s Land!

Bob Marley’s song Exodus (Movement of Jah People)

Exodus (Movement of Jah People)

Open your eyes
And look within
Are you satisfied
With the life you’re living?
We know where we going
We know where we’re from
We’re leaving Babylon
We’re going to our Father’s land.

This track ironically made the Top of the Pops United Kingdom British Broadcasting Corporation chart show.

With a message of religious fundamentalism and self examination Bob Marley calls for an exodus out of Babylon. The use of the term Babylon referring to an oppressive environment or a society that is filled with so much wrong doing and injustice that it has to potential to degenerate into the chaotic state similar to or worse than the one of it’s biblical equivalent.

Bob Marley points out that Rastafarians and people of African descent like the ancient Israelites are looking for another Moses (Marcus Garvey was also known as Black Moses because of his back to Africa Campaign) to lead them out of such an unjust society to a place were humanity can thrive in an environment of equal opportunity.

Our fathers land in this instance in an earthly sense is most likely a reference to Africa by Marley although the continent is most times referred to as the mother land.

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