Bob Marley's Bad Card is a Jamaican Music and Street Talk Referring to Some Deceitful Action

Bob Marley’s song Bad Card

Bad Card

You a go tired to see me face

Can’t get me out of the race ….

Propaganda spreading over my name

Say you wanna bring another life to shame

Oh man you’re just playing a game

And then you draw bad card What make you draw bad card?

What make you draw bad card?

The term card or bad card in this case serves as a metaphor quite popularly used in Jamaican music and street talk referring to some deceitful action or slyness on the part of an individual or group of individuals.

In this case the song speaks of one associate of Marley’s that was founding to be cheating the group, Bob Marley and the Wailers, while on tour in Africa of profits made.

Bob Marley’s song Bad Card

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