Bob Marley's Song Rasta Man Chant is Still Popular in Rastafarian Communities.

Bob Marley Rasta Man Chant

Bob Marley's Song Rasta Man Chant

Rasta Man Chant

Rasta Man Chant

Hear the words of the Rasta Man say

Babylon your throne gone down. Gone down

Babylon your throne gone down.

(Down. gone down)

(Down. Gone down)

These Bob Marley’s Song lyrics not unlike many of the songs that Bob would compose in the latter part of his solo career reflect a deepened sense of spirituality in Rastafari and also a universal sense.

The Wailers all of whom had become Rastafarians by the time of this songs release were now harmonizing with the timeless beat of Rasta drums holding what many refer to as a “groundation” or spiritual get together.

This chant proved to be indeed timeless as it is still popular not only in Rastafarian communities but even in countries were 90% of the population does not speak English.

“Bob Marley’ song like all great local literature which we come to call universal, speaks to the particular circumstances of his own time and place; its meaning expands in ever widening circles of compassion, leveling barriers of race, class and geography. Bob Marley lives in the rich legacy of song he has bequeathed us.” (Cooper 1987)

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