Bob Marley's Jah Live Simply Reflecting the Spiritual Conviction of Rasta!

Bob Marley’s song Jah Live

Jah Live

The truth is an offence but not a sin
Is he who laughs last, children, is he who wins
It’s a foolish dog bark at a flying bird
One sheep who must learn, children, to respect the shepherd

Jah live children, yeah
Jah Jah live children, yeah
Jah live children, yeah
Jah Jah live children, yeah

This deeply spiritual lesson was conducted in Lee Perry’s Black Ark Studio in 1975.

These Bob Marley lyrics were composed as a direct response to reports that were splashed across newspaper headlines heralding the death of the man His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie of Ethiopia that many Rastafarians had come to accept as their spiritual savior.

Bob Marley was here simply reflecting the spiritual conviction of Rasta.

In spite of the fact that Selassie was declared physically dead, he was could never really die in the minds and hearts of those who chose to follow him and his teachings. After all was this so ludicrous seeing that only centuries before a young Carpenter by the name of Jesus Christ developed a following through his teaching, died and is still worshipped in the Christian faith on the basis of belief?

Bob Marley’s song Jah Live

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