Bob Marley’s Song Get Up Stand Up is a Rallying Cry for Oppressed People to Fight Back.

Bob Marley’s song Get Up Stand Up

Get Up Stand Up

Most people think great God will come from the sky

Take away everything and make everybody feel high

But if you know what life is worth

You would look for yours on earth

And now you see the light

You stand up for your right


We’re sick and tired of your ism schism game

Die and go to heaven in Jesus’ name

Lord, we know when we understand

Almighty God is a living man

You can fool some people sometimes

But you can’t fool some people all the time

So now we see the light

(What you gonna do?)

We gonna stand up for our right.

Jah, Jah, Jah

Get up Stand up, co-written by Peter Tosh, demonstrates an anti-imperialist, strident and militant tone, that acts as the rallying cry for oppressed people to fight back and in the spirit of Marcus Garvey’s self- reliance philosophy do something about their own situation.

The use of religion as a tool of mental enslavement is also highlighted in the songs lyrics of Bob Marley.

It is believed by many historians that in conquering Africa and the Americas, colonial oppressors’ use of religion and the doctrine of obedience deeply embedded in it assisted to a great extent in subduing rebellions. At the same time natural and human resources were being robbed and profits expatriated to European countries.

Although this Bob Marley song was first released on the Burnin’ album it was a performance given by Bob at the Lyceum in England that made the song an international anthem.

Bob Marley’s song Get Up Stand Up

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