Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier

Bob Marley’s song Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo soldier, dreadlock Rasta

There was a buffalo soldier in the heart of America

Stolen from Africa

Brought to America

Fighting on arrival

Fighting for survival …..

If you know your history

Then you would know where you’re coming from

Then you wouldn’t have to ask me

Who the heck do I think I am?

The name buffalo soldiers was given to the black men that made up most of the army which were used to displace Native Americans from their reservations in the name of the United States Manifest Destiny doctrine. These men were mostly slaves taken directly from Africa and other freed black men who were for the most part illiterate and ignorant as to the motives of the American government.

The Indians called the men buffalo soldiers because of their racially distinct features that of thick wool like hair, thick lips and broad noses. Many have declared the term as racist.

This song was one of Bob Marley’s biggest posthumous hits. He seemed took a keen interest in social issues and historical developments. Hence the Buffalo soldiers being used to fight another racial minority that were deemed to be a threat by white people and then treated with disdain after winning the war for America was very intriguing to him

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